Last Man Standing





Trait Summary




    Req. Level 1


    • Main Weapon Sigil
    • Offhand Weapon Sigil


    • Helm Rune
    • Shoulder Rune
    • Chest Rune
    • Leggings Rune
    • Feet Rune

    Amulet and Jewels

    • Amulet Amulet
    • Amulet Jewel Amulet
    • Earring 1 Amulet
    • Earring 2 Amulet
    • Ring 1 Amulet
    • Ring 2 Amulet
    Game Data Updated On: 5/14/2013 (Live)


    A bulwark in defence, and with the healing to keep team-mates in the fight, the Last Man Standing build will keep you on your feet through the bad times and the good.

    - Fantastic survivability from high toughness, great active blocking, high passive regen (even more powerful when combined with another player's regeneration boon). Condition removal from "Shake It Off!", and Soldier runes means that you won't be suffering for long.

    - Strong group buffs and a get out of jail free card. Even if your friends go down, use your elite to bring them back into the fight asap.

    - Fast revival. Use your great strength to get your slacking team-mates back off the floor!

    - Group heals. This build works great with +healing gear, and your low-cooldown shouts keep your friends in the action.

    I've mostly tested this with mace, but it works with sword or axe as well, although you'll probably want to put the 10 points from Strength into Discipline to make the most of the powerful sword and axe burst skills.


    • #32 Domier

      This is the most amazing build, and im now loving my warrior more than any other class I have. Thank you so much!

    • #30 kakarotos

      i'm sorry if i sound kind of a noob but for some reason my traits are only 14....does anybody has any idea why is that?


    • #31 Maesaaj

      traits were changed in patch i think in april this year ...5 traits of his are 1 your

    • #29 SmokingBanana

      Hi what skills you recommend if im using a sword?

      Last edited by SmokingBanana on 2/11/2014 6:10:01 PM
    • #27 Oloff_the_Red

      I hate to be a noob but in order to heal don't you need vigorous shout from tactics?  I have tried this build and I am crazy survivable but not sure were the healing comes from.

    • #28 Sgt_BAP

      Yeah sorry, forgot to update with skill tree changes, done now.

    • #26 kevvvbot

      I'm having trouble finding the Cleric Amulets and Jewels that have that high of stats on the Trading Post. Am I missing something here?

    • #24 FarmOPlenty

      Would armor that has the stats Precision/Vitality/Toughness be a good set of armor to have?


    • #25 Sgt_BAP

      Hey fella, a couple of pieces of P/V/T gear would be fine, but the key to survivability in this build is the healing from your shouts, so up to a certain threshold healing power is definitely needed. This is especially true in groups, because your Vitality or Toughness doesn't do anything to keep them alive, but healing power does.

      I'm sure some of the guys running simulations will know the exact sweetspots for Healing Power vs Toughness vs Vitality, but as far as most players are concerned, a balance of these would be ideal.

      In terms of precision, it doesn't really add much to the build, since your damage will be relatively low, and so crits won't be particularly useful, but it P/V/T certainly isn't the worst gear you could have.


      Hope this helps.

      Last edited by Sgt_BAP on 1/10/2013 9:15:23 PM
    • #19 ark215j


      Great build! Thanks for the contribution. The build I'm using now is similar but with a small change in direction with the Traits.  You might like to try it out!  Let me know what you think.. http://www.gw2db.com/skill-builds/2237-fire-shield-heal-tank

    • #20 Sgt_BAP

      Nice build! I agree that discipline is a better choice if you're going to be using an axe or a sword main hand, since you'll be wanting to use those powerful burst skills as much as possible. The bow is generally a good idea for dungeons, and you're right to point out how useful the combo field can be. I will give this a try soon!

    • #16 BlueFalcon

      I'm running the same build with berserkers amulets and sword/shield.  I'll be getting clerics soon and report back.

      Why the mace/shield..and what do you use as a secondary weapon when fighting bosses in dungeons?  

      I use Hammer for CC for mobs.

      I love the shield when fighting bosses as you can block (#5) once you understand the animations leading to the bosses big attack.

      How much are you healing for with the clerics jewelry with the shouts?  

    • #17 Sgt_BAP

      Mace is great for the permanent weakness condition, but if you want more damage sword or axe are decent, but you won't get much synergy with the rest of the build.

      I tend to use a ranged secondary, mostly rifle, because it's good single target and gives you a good knockback to keep enemies off your squishier allies.

      I still haven't maxed out my +healing power gear, but it would be quite easy to check in the PvP lobby area. I think in maxed out gear it's somewhere in the region of 3k per shout.

    • #14 chaoz

      I have to say, that this build really helped me. I leveled with this build from level 60 and it's too funny to see a level 80 get 1 shotted when you only loo 25% health. I don't like the mace + shield combo so I adapted it for a Tanking Hammer Build and it works like a charm. The dps is medium but I can walk through fire, raise the dead while being afflicted with several conditions still live. The hammer stuns and knock-back gives me the desired control and tanking pimpness. 

    • #18 Sgt_BAP

      Great to see people tweaking this build and making it their own :)

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