Blood Drenched (scepter dagger/ staff) Condition Necro





Trait Summary




    Req. Level 1


    • Main Weapon Sigil
    • Offhand Weapon Sigil


    • Helm Rune
    • Shoulder Rune
    • Chest Rune
    • Leggings Rune
    • Feet Rune

    Amulet and Jewels

    • Amulet Amulet
    • Amulet Jewel Amulet
    • Earring 1 Amulet
    • Earring 2 Amulet
    • Ring 1 Amulet
    • Ring 2 Amulet
    Game Data Updated On: 5/14/2013 (Live)


    The purpose of this build is to inflict as many conditions on your foes as possible. During my experience leveling to 80 I found that the Scepter did the most damage out of the main hand weapons so I use it here. The scepter is the main weapon because it applies bleeds and does increased damage when your foe has multiple conditions on them which every one of these skills is designed to apply. The offhand dagger gives you another AoE bleed and a multi-target blind/condition transfer.

    Since your corruption spells apply conditions to you your heal is naturally Consume Conditions. Your utility skills are all there to apply conditions to as many of your foes as possible, benefit from a bonus to corruption found in your traits, and apply conditions to yourself which will increase your healing.

    Your elite is really up to you and depends on what your doing I'm just using hounds of balthazar right now but if i need a hp boost i'll go lich or grenth.

     As for your traits the 30 points in Curses is absolutely Essential for a condition necro no exceptions. The boost to Condition Damage, improved bleed effects, and boost to Corruption recharge time affects almost ALL of your skills. The traits II, VII, and XI are absolutely essential there are no viable alternatives.

    Spite is mostly there for the bonus to condition duration bleeds last for 4s and a 25% increase will get you another second therefore another tick from the bleed. I don't know if it does partial ticks with the extra 5% so i guess you could drop the last 5 pts somewhere else if you really wanted but i chose to go with them due to a lack of viable alternatives. As for skill choices Reapers Might is great for death shroud or lich form and the boons you get are a nice damage boost even after you drop the form essentially extending their beneficial effects. Chill of death and Close to death ensures that anything you can drop below half hp dies. By the time you stack up enough to get someone below half you get a massive damage boost which can kill opponents before they have time to trigger their OH SHIT skills which many save till the end.


    For your last 10 (15 if you only put 25 in spite) it is really up to you I put 10 in Death Magic for further improvement to Marks for WvWvW. The increased toughness and boon duration are also a nice plus. If you want to move 5 points around I like 5 pts in blood magic for the Healing at 90%. Its a useful skill that tops you off for minor damage or gives you a bit of breathing room if you get whalloped. Anything else in blood magic is useless unless you are Daggers for your secondary in which case get the bonus at 10 pts.

    If you like to spend more time in Death shroud put your points into soul reaping instead. I find that the damage increase isn't phenomenal so I mostly use it to soak up some big hits (you do more damage when your bar is above 50% so i generally trigger it every time it gets close to full and drop right after it drop below half) The fear is very useful and i will often hop in to cast it and drop out right away. Gaining a bunch of might stacks from your main attack is also a good idea for a nice little boost to your damage. Use this skill for its utility abilities instead of a primary source of damage.

    As for your gear I recommend getting:

    Toughness/Vitality in a 50/50 ratio

    Precision-although this isn't a crit damage centered build the bonus allows you to get a few extra bleed stacks up from signet of earth and one of your trait skills.

    Condition Damage- MUST MUST MUST this is absolutely essential for the bleed mechanic.

    The equation for bleed damage is 

    2.5+(0.5XLevel)+(0.05XCondition Damage) = bleed damage per stack per second

    to break this down with 0 condition damage at lvl 80 your bleed does 42.5 damage per stack per second (2.5+40)

    Each 20 Condition damage you have does an extra point of damage (0.05X20)=1. 

    Since bleeds are the major focus of this build you want as many points here as possible because condition damage is the only Stat that increases its damage output.

    As a necro you should be kiting your targets so although nice to have more hp or toughness I find Raw damage output to be much more useful.

    REBIND A to strafe left and D to strafe right. That combined with using your mouse to change direction will let you run circles around your opponents Especially when they are slowed by grasping dead and locust swarm. Ranged guys hurt but the goal is to out damage all of them rather than sit there and take hits. We also heal remarkably well especially when we have multiple conditions on us which we can apply ourselves. (use your corruption before healing 95% of the time)

    We have enough survivability with Death Shroud and Lichform so that we dont need to invest too heavily into vitality/toughness just make sure that whatever you choose to get is in a 50/50 ratio.

    Hope this helps some of you increase your necro's damage output which I found disturbingly low compared to other professions. Granted i was using the Axe for most of leveling which was just disastrous. The balance is of course that its nearly impossible to kill us. Happy hunting and remember your friends the wolves!



    Endnote: Now that I have played the class in endgame I am happy to report that a necro using this build is Devastating on the field. Our ability to stack up 15+ bleeds on 1 target then spread them to everyone in the area means we can take an entire attacking force down to half hp in seconds if you do it correctly. We have terrible burst but our build up is phenomenal  When playing correctly you should be able to routinely take down 2-4 opponents by yourself in WvW. 

    Learn how to use death shroud appropriately its not just an extra hp bar. Using it at the end of a fight just delays the inevitable. You should be hoping in and out of it during fights to take advantage of the abilities inside such as fear and to allow more build up for your life force.

    NEVER STOP MOVING and make liberal use of your dodge. With a skilled group of 5 I've walked into supply camps fought all the guards and 12-15 defenders who were disorganized and wiped everything without anyone being downed. Get the group to stack conditions on a strong target like a veteran and then just go to town with your epidemic and watch everything die.


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    • #21 eNoMo

      Greater Marks in death magic VII is unavaible, beacuse its only VI the max :\

      Now what ?

    • #23 brosendale

      It made sense for them to bump of greater marks. I opted to use Shrouded Removal to remove the self bleeding from Blood is Power then Life Blast a few times to bump up might a tad more. The only other viable option is Staff Mastery to reduce charges. Other than that I do not feel much has changed with this build type. 


      BTW I just change to this build today so I am only using logic for the DM trait. Seems more of a preference but as the I Am Legion dude on YouTube says "Don't take a trait that will not benefit you."

    • #20 Sephoidr

      I am fairly new to gw2 and this guide helped me out a lot as i have no idea what traits or slot skills to take :) i am currently on level 12 but still i can see that i will be most likely following this guide all the way to 80 thanks and keep up the good work

    • #19 aeonflux1020

      Can you please update the build since the patch please.

    • #18 Soundproofcore

      Do you mean Scepter/Axe or focus? Cause I think if you go S/D you can do better than eg. Chill of Death

    • #14 hotdogpalace

      I was hoping you could comment on why you have 3 superior rune of the afflicted and 2 superior rune of Krait.  I'm still kinda new so please excuse me if this questions doesn't make sense but shouldn't you have 6 superior Rune of Afflicted on all 6 armor to take advantage of all 6 of the Runes effects?  

    • #15 CynarValdyr

      After looking over the build I would guess 3 of each (and the Builder just didn't have 6 slots).

      If you went 6 of either one you'd end up with +100 condition damage and +15% Bleed Duration and either go Krait and get a small chance to bleed when you're hit and +100 power underwater (both abilities which sucks) or go Afflicted and get +15 Poison Duration and create a Death Nova on Downed (both of which are weak at best for the above build).

      If you went 3 of each you end up with +110 condition damage (55 from each) and +30% bleed duration (+15% from each). Consequently, 3 of each is considerably stronger than 6 of either for this build...

    • #17 hotdogpalace

      Makes perfect sense!  30% bleed duration certainly sounds appealing.... I'll be trying it out this afternoon, thanks for the clarification!

    • #22 tenthousandfists

      Actually, 6 superior runes of either set would give +183 condition damage (28+55+100) while 3 of each gives +166 (28+55+28+55).

      Last edited by tenthousandfists on 11/9/2013 11:09:09 PM
    • #13 ilpenta

      which insignie should I use? on craft set armor

    • #16 CynarValdyr

      Carrion seems to be the best fit (Cond, Pow, Vit), but Rampager's seems to work (Prec, Pow, Cond), and Apothecary's is decent too (HP, Tou, Cond) as the toughness is nice...

    • #10 haallo

      I love this build

    • #9 NorgeRuler

      I use excactly this build, but i actually made it myself before i found it here. It works extremely good for both solo, group and dungeons. Very good against bosses that spawns minions, because of Epidemic, that gives all foes 25 stacks of bleeding which insta-kills enemies. Absolute fantastic build :D

    • #8 Reeniepuff

      Exactly the build I'm using, and it's really great! Only when I go solo, I'm using spectral wall --> signet of spite --> epidemic. With a lot of kiting of course. Both work wonders :)

    • #7 captainchunk69

      Great Guide. Same build I run, except I like your 10 points into Death instead of Soul Reaping. What rune do you use on your staff?... Im assuming another Earth or Agony right? Anyways great build man, and I agree this build can wreck havoc in WvW. I tell my friends th emor people around, the more damage I can do. I love pressing epidemic and watching all the numbers on the screen LOL. And is it just me, or did Anet buff damage slightly for the staff?


      EDIT Can people still Rally by killing the jagged horrors or no?


      Joo Joo Binx

      Stormbluff isle

      Last edited by captainchunk69 on 11/18/2012 12:03:31 PM
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