Axe-Axe / Rifle PVE Dungeon Build





Trait Summary




    Req. Level 1


    • Main Weapon Sigil
    • Offhand Weapon Sigil


    • Helm Rune
    • Shoulder Rune
    • Chest Rune
    • Leggings Rune
    • Feet Rune

    Amulet and Jewels

    • Amulet Amulet
    • Amulet Jewel Amulet
    • Earring 1 Amulet
    • Earring 2 Amulet
    • Ring 1 Amulet
    • Ring 2 Amulet
    Game Data Updated On: 5/14/2013 (Live)


    I went for [Strength] 30 and [Arms] 20 because you will already get around 80-90% crit chance when your elite is active ( The rest is from Traits + Equipment's  ) so in this moment you will need the crit damage and condition damage in order to deals the highest damage possible. 

    Edit: Changed [Signet Mastery] to [Sharpened Axe] Because in Signets Build your not supposed to spam your signets in order to get the full benefit of [Deep Strike].

    Edit 2 : Updated My Equipment List.


    Edit 3 : Did Some Changes On my Utility skills ( This is no more 5 signet Build )  Because after some tests i have done it looks like using Utility skills that gives some defensive abilities benefits more specially if u want to stay in mele range..

    Note: Traits has been changed to match the Utility skills change.


    Last update: Guys i have stopped playing this game for a long time so this build is kinda outdated and i don't know if it's still good, anyways i am trading my account for a World of Warcraft account because are playing it ( EU Server ) if anyone is interested check this link http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/mmo-trading-market/world-of-warcraft-buy-sell-trade/wow-eu-account-buy-sell-trade/408035-looking-trade-my-gw2-eu-account-world-of-warcraft-eu-account.html#post2714767


    • #63 Arnavon

      Since this one is apparently broken/not showing the trait selections I have attempted to replicate the build here http://www.gw2db.com/skill-builds/3300-axe-axe-rifle-dungeon-pve-build. Hope it helps!

    • #62 skullzero7

      Why is this still the top build? It's broken, nothing is showing...

    • #61 LivingParadox

      Okay, at least for me the equipment is not showing up. Is there a youtube video where I can view everything?

    • #60 lunox111

      might  be a newb question i just started this game but i don't understand did you manage to put a lvl 30 trait in a lvl 10 spot having only 20 point in that line :S i.m talking about heightned focus 


      Last edited by lunox111 on 7/26/2013 10:17:56 AM
    • #58 amatthie

      Do you use your Burst skill, Eviscerate, considering you are increasing your output by how much adrenaline you have.

    • #57 Cyn_Mod

      ok I am so lost on the equipment and I can't seem to get anyone to answer me in the game. What in the world is a "Berserkser's Amulet" or "Soldiers/Knights Jewel?" Surely them stats cannot be correct. How do I get them?

    • #59 Ramstain

      Those are PvP stats. The equivalent are Ruby Jewels (Berserker), or Beryl (Knights)

    • #56 Syrio_Forel


      I really like your build, have a couple of questions though:

      -you gear says Berserker's amulet, this is only available in PVP I think

      - how have you split up your gear and jewels between Berserker's & Knight? 50/50 in both or Armour Berserker & jewels knight?

      Otherwise it's a solid build! thanks for the info :)

    • #55 Tamagotchya

      What are your thoughts on swapping shake it off with for great justice? Is the condi removal paramount?

    • #54 ThinMints

      How do you acquire the amulet and jewels you have listed for your build? Kind of new to this, and would like to match what you have.

      Last edited by ThinMints on 10/31/2012 12:42:59 PM
    • #52 K_osss

      Wouldn't you do more damage if you traded 5 points from Strength to Arms to pick up the Attacks of Opportunity trait? You could still get the Axe Mastery you'd just be dropping Dual Wielding. But it would be a 10% for a 5% trade.

    • #53 mezooooo

      You talking about 10% from bleeding my friend, using axes doesn't gives bleeds unless you crit and without condition damage your bleeds wont do that much of damage anyway.  

    • #49 OgresWrath

      Hi Mezooooo

      Very cool build, I have run this from the day I started a warrior and while figuring out my weapons the dual axe was me.  What I would like to say is that I noticed that most of the skills are finisher combo's and man....awesome!!! When you named it PVE Dungeon build you weren't kidding,  Those *finishers* when with pve others and dungeons,your decisions on traits....well sir/madam...amazing and very happy, thank you (not in a guild yet to run dungeons which would end up being a key factor for finishers as I have noticed, but with PuG's as I normally do...4 stars).

    • #50 mezooooo

      Thanks a lot OgresWrath i am glad that you liked it . 

    • #48 hustavah

      Warrior is the most useless class in GW2. The game maded ONLY for RANGED CLASS. You can try everything - in PvP or in dungeon you allways first dying. Good only for solo PVE in world. Sh.t class now.

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