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Name Skill Level Req Item Level Profession Type Ingredients
Bowl[s] of Green Bean Stew 5010CookSoup
Bowl[s] of Poultry Noodle Soup 5010CookSoup
Bowl[s] of Simple Meat Chili 5010CookSoup
Bowl[s] of Simple Meat Stew 5010CookSoup
Bowl[s] of Simple Poultry Soup 5010CookSoup
Bowl[s] of Simple Vegetable Soup 5010CookSoup
Caramel Apple[s] 5010CookDessert
Cheese Triangle[s] 5010CookSnack 2
Cheeseburger[s] 5010CookMeal
Chili Pepper Popper[s] 5010CookSnack
Eda's Apple Pie[s] Requires Unlock 505CookDessert
Kastaz Roasted Poultry[s] Requires Unlock 5017CookMeal
Marinated Mushroom[s] 5010CookSnack 3
Mashed Potato 5010CookSnack
Passion Fruit Soufflé[s] 5015CookDessert
Pasta Noodles 5010CookCooking Ingredient
Poultry Piccata 5010CookMeal
Roasted Meaty Sandwich[s] 5015CookMeal
Slice[s] of Cinnamon Toast 5010CookSnack
Spicy Flank Steak[s] 5010CookMeal
Spicy Meat Kabob[s] 5010CookSnack 2
Sugar Cookie[s] 5010CookDessert
Unidentified Purple Dye 50-CookDye 25 100
Bowl[s] of Dolyak Stew Requires Unlock 4010CookSoup 2 2
Bowl[s] of Ettin Stew Requires Unlock 3013CookMeal
Apple Tart[s] 255CookDessert
Blueberry Tart[s] 255CookDessert
Bottle[s] of Simple Dressing 2510CookSeasoning
Bowl[s] of Basic Poultry Soup 255CookSoup
Bowl[s] of Basic Vegetable Soup 2510CookSoup
Bowl[s] of Blueberry Apple Compote 255CookDessert
Bowl[s] of Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 255CookDessert 3 15
Bowl[s] of Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 255CookDessert 5
Bowl[s] of Cold Wurm Stew Requires Unlock 2510CookSoup
Bowl[s] of Salsa 255CookSnack
Bowl[s] of Simple Salad 255CookSnack
Bowl[s] of Simple Stirfry 255CookMeal 2 2 2
Bowl[s] of Staple Soup Vegetables 2510CookCooking Ingredient
Bowl[s] of Vegetable Stock 255CookSoup 2 2
Candied Apple[s] 255CookDessert
Caramel[s] 255CookDessert
Celebratory Steak[s] Requires Unlock 2510CookMeal
Cup[s] of Potato Fries 255CookSnack
Lemon Tart[s] 255CookDessert
Meat Pie[s] 255CookSnack 2
Unidentified Brown Dye 25-CookDye 100 25
Warden Ration[s] Requires Unlock 2510CookSnack
Bowl[s] of Gelatinous Ooze Custard Requires Unlock 55CookDessert
Poached Egg[s] Requires Unlock 5-CookSnack 2
Ball[s] of Dough --CookCooking Ingredient
Beetletun Omelette[s] Requires Unlock --CookMeal 2
Bowl[s] of Apple Sauce --CookDessert
Bowl[s] of Candy Corn Glaze --CookCooking Ingredient 5
Bowl[s] of Ice Cream Base --CookCooking Ingredient
Bowl[s] of Poultry Stock --CookSoup 2 2
Bowl[s] of Red Meat Stock --CookSoup 2 2 2
Bowl[s] of Sauteed Carrots -5CookSnack 3
Bowl[s] of Watery Mushroom Soup Requires Unlock -10CookSnack
Buttermilk Biscuit[s] --CookSnack
Cinnamon Apple[s] --CookDessert
Cinnamon Pinwheel[s] --CookSnack
Grilled Mushroom[s] --CookSnack 3
Grilled Poultry[s] --CookMeal
Grilled Steak[s] --CookMeal
Hamburger[s] --CookMeal
Handful[s] of Bjarni's Rabbit Food Requires Unlock --CookSnack
Loaf of Bread --CookSnack
Onion Ring[s] --CookSnack 3
Pile[s] of Cinnamon and Sugar --CookSeasoning
Pile[s] of Salt and Pepper --CookSeasoning
Slice[s] of Buttered Toast -5CookSnack
Unidentified Orange Dye --CookDye 25 25
Unidentified Yellow Dye --CookDye 100 25